1099 Partners Sample Engagements

Silicon Valley firm required East Coast presence.
While a full time rep in Boston was in the budget, that did little to support opportunities in NewYork or Washington D,C. A quick fly-in, fly-out approach was inefficient and positioned the firm weakly with local organizations who had knowledge-specific staff in finance or government. A 1099 Partners approach provided the right amount of coverage with an experienced professional with a wealth of contacts in the marketplace.

Fortune 500 company entered financial markets with Senior Executive.
A Fortune 500 hardware technology firm needed a seasoned Wall Street pro to leverage a new opportunity. This person needed to build partnerships, cultivate relationship as well as handle early revenue opportunities. Over the course of one year, a 1099er was able to coach an existing high-tech rep, foster partnerships and position the firm. The firm currently has over 2 dozen active projects.

Software firm obtained access to stimulus dollars.
A software firm’s business development team was entirely enterprise-focused and did not have the capability to leverage the recent stimulus legislation. 1099 Partners was able to facilitate channel arrangements to influential local state technologists.

West Coast firm supports key accounts in Metro NY with a Senior Account Executive.
1099 Partners provided a local executive level resource to support a client and assist in securing additional opportunities without the firm adding expensive NY talent.

Marketing Services firm builds post-acquisition staff.
1099 Partners placed an executive who served as a business development advisor. He also evaluated staff, met with key clients to validate potential, defined a business plan, and shepherded the transition.

A venture-backed software firm gets back on course.
1099 Partners assessed the management’s capabilities as well as alternative business opportunities for the technology, and was able to identify management-level individuals who could lead the company more effectively. This new management team was put into place and redirected the company to new markets. As a result the company secured multiple recurring revenue contracts.

Golf software company leverages its proprietary software and database.
Working with management, 1099 Partners assessed distribution alternatives and business models that balanced cash flow and market penetration. The company expanded rapidly using a combination of business strategies including strategic relationships, franchise agreements and direct sales programs across the United States. As a result, the company grew 20 times the size of its next largest competitor in this market segment.