1099 Partners/Maven Workshops

Maven Joins Forces with 1099Partners to offer
Customized Business Education Workshops


Experts Available from Every Industry,
Covering Every Conceivable Topic


SAN FRANCISCO, CA — July 28, 2011 – Maven, the Global Knowledge Marketplace, has partnered with 1099Partners to offer customized educational workshops on timely and pertinent business topics. Workshops offer concentrated knowledge transfer from senior domain experts to organizations and their executives, customized to meet an organization’s specific needs.

Through the partnership, Maven and 1099Partners will source relevant experts, create content, and deliver complete multi-day workshops directly to the customer at the location of their choice.

“The combination of 1099Partners and Maven is a powerful resource to help organizations succeed,” commented Maven Co-Founder and CEO Wyatt Nordstrom. “1099Partners brings deep domain expertise from senior business professionals who provide execution experience and expertise on many relevant business subjects. Whether a company is entering a new market, performing diligence on a pending transaction, or developing a new product strategy, our workshops can help.

1099Partners’ Co-Founders Peter Kestenbaum and Jerry Marcus added, “We are delighted to partner with Maven, the pioneers of microconsulting. We recognize that there are times when a short interaction like a phone consultation is insufficient while hiring a full-time consultant can be excessive and cost prohibitive. Our focused workshops are provided by experts who have served in execution-oriented roles. Workshops allow companies to secure meaningful knowledge transfer from true experts in a practical fashion without an extended engagement. This provides an a la carte alternative for acquiring the critical knowledge required in order to rapidly execute in today’s marketplace in order to rapidly execute.”

Workshops include:

Digital Strategy & Audit    [Download PDF]
Examines your on line presence through the eyes of a world class expert. Aspects such as Search Engine Optimization, usage of social media, approaches to ecommerce and adjacent revenue opportunities, brand management, audience attraction and tracking, and competitive offerings are the focus of this microconsulting engagement

Go-To-Market Revenue Strategies    [Download PDF]
Aimed at emerging Silicon Valley technology firms or International firms trying to get jump started in New York and other Financial Service markets,  Federal and/or State Government access to a new geographic location or market. This workshop brings local, industry-specific, or company-specific expertise to bear to help firms establish the relationships required to rapidly establish a foothold in a new market.

Leveraging Cloud Computing    [Download PDF]
This workshop addresses strategies for developing cloud services providing in depth insight into the requirements and ramifications of such services upon infrastructure, security, staffing, vendor relationships and client support.

State & Local Government Business Leverage    [Download PDF]
This workshop helps participants develop a comprehensive strategy for selling products or services to the right agencies at the right levels. It incorporates strategic and operational topics topics such as to identification of appropriate target clients, regulations, and navigation of existing bureaucracies.

Other workshops include:

To learn more about these and other available workshops, or to request a custom workshop tailored to specific business needs, contact

With senior experts available from every industry and on every conceivable topic, Maven and 1099Partners can develop a workshop that is right for any organization.


About 1099Partners

1099Partners ( is a consortium of technology executives who have transitioned from the traditional workforce. They are not “between job” consultants but hands-on, execution-oriented individuals who stay engaged with firms on a project basis. 1099Partners’ participants lead workshops in their areas of expertise, serve as interim staff, and provide network or local geographic assistance for clients. For more information, visit  or contact Jerry Marcus, at


About Maven

Maven ( is a global network of industry professionals, thought leaders, and experts who seek to connect with others and share their knowledge. Maven's proprietary "microconsulting" platform allows members to participate in short duration telephone consultations and electronic surveys in exchange for direct compensation by Maven's clients. For more information, please visit or contact Chuck Hester, PR Maven, at