1099 Partners Services Overview

1099 Partners gives you access to a network of seasoned, connected executives with skills that are as deep and varied as your needs. 1099ers will leverage their experience, contacts and influence in your market and geographic area to help you enter new markets, increase revenue streams, and grow your business without the overhead of a permanent employee.
1099 Partners’ services include:

Local Business Development  - Gain unique access to contacts who can open doors within a specific geographic region or market. Since our associates have experience in senior sales and marketing roles specifically within your industry, you can leverage years of networking to meet your business objectives. Receive top-notch coverage and leverage a seasoned professional with an impressive contact list to supplement your corporate or field needs.

Executive Sales Development - Executive sales development is a preferred vehicle for growth for emerging companies in the new economy. Avoid fixed headcount and benefit burdens by utilizing 1099 associates for targeted assignments without a long-term commitment. Firms can jump-start sales for new offerings or new markets through a 1099er with specific skill sets instead of ramping up an existing team member or a less experienced full time hire. It’s the smart way to minimize the HR investment while maximizing results.  

Stimulus and Government Services Program - 1099 Partners provides access to a network of over 2000 professionals with strong relationships with State and local government leaders and influencers in all 50 states. Retired state CIOs, CTOs, and department heads will help you identify and prioritize sales opportunities and leverage stimulus funding at the state and local government level. We provide introductions, strategic planning, research, opportunity identification, communications assistance, and coaching to maximize your efforts to tap into this critical source of funding. We also organize grass roots efforts and assist in governmental relations when required. This service is ideal for emerging firms without a developed state and local capability, as well as for established firms looking to accelerate their efforts.

Teaming, Partnerships, M&A and Funding - 1099 Partners has a spectrum of contacts that span the full gamet of client needs

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