Client Rules for Working with 1099 Partners

1099 Partners is responsible for sourcing qualified 1099ers for client firms. We accomplish this through extensive written and verbal communication with the client. We discuss potential 1099ers together, and permit the client to research the 1099 individual prior to contact. If an appropriate 1099er is not available in our network, 1099 Partners will try to find additional resources to meet that particular need. 

Clients contract directly with individual 1099ers. Although we recommend standard terms for each 1099er to include, clients can and should customize terms to meet their specific needs.  Contract terms address items such as NDA, non-compete, non-recruit, expense handling, billing and reporting. Rates are negotiated directly between the client and 1099 individuals. 

Clients do not pay finder’s fees or incentives to 1099 Partners. In the event that the client offers permanent employment to the 1099er, 1099 Partners will invoice the client for a recruitment fee as compensation for taking the 1099er from our long-term network according a reasonable schedule.

1099ers in the 1099 Partners network are referred by other individuals in the network. They are typically former co-workers, clients or business associates. While this provides a strong starting data point, clients are responsible for assessing the 1099ers applicability in their own unique situations.