1099 Partners Benefits for Clients

Remember when markets were booming, business was pouring in and you had a surplus of full-time executive resources who got the job done? So do we. While the new economy has required adjustments, it doesn’t mean that you have to pull back on your corporate plans.  Instead, you need to evolve with the new conditions, and approach your human capital needs in a more efficient, streamlined way.

1099 Partners is the answer to building a stronger business in today’s new talent landscape. With our proven approach, you can maximize your resources while still utilizing top-tier people to enter new markets, increase revenue streams and grow your business. The 1099 Partners’ network offers:

  • Direct access to experts who are seasoned and vetted in your line of business, market and territory, without the fixed salary and overhead costs of a full-time executive-level employee.  
  • Three- to six-month commitments, turned on and off with 30-day notice. 
  • Extensive knowledge, experience and influence in specific geographic regions and industries, helping you cultivate relationships that quickly generate revenue. 
  • Increased support during peak periods of your business cycle or during crucial growth periods for an emerging firm.
  • Proven success with major corporations and emerging firms. 
  • Flexible retainer and payment options, including success-based arrangements. 
  • No finder’s fees or incentives.

1099 Partners does not operate as an intermediary between clients and 1099ers. You have direct access to the 1099 network, with the freedom to select the appropriate 1099er for you, and determine compensation parameters independently. And since clients who leverage 1099 Partners’ network do not pay finder’s fees or incentive, you get 100% value add with 0% overhead.

To find a 1099er, fill out our client information request form.

To learn more about working with 1099 Partners, visit the following page on Client Rules for Working with 1099 Partners.