1099 Partners Benefits for 1099ers

The new economy has created opportunities for executives who have reached a certain level in their lives. During this phase, many of us have a careers’ worth of expertise and influence, but no longer want or need to conform to Fortune 500 or start-up lifestyles. Our major financial obligations are behind us, but we want to stay professionally active while maintaining a flexible lifestyle. 
1099 Partners provides the best of both worlds. As a 1099er, you’ll experience: 

  • Part-time or temporary work of your choosing.
  • Compensation that is reflective of your efforts and expertise.
  • Freedom from the typical Fortune 500 or start-up “daily grind”.
  • Flexible schedules that enable three-day weekends or reduce time in summer months.
  • Few travel requirements, early mornings, or late evenings.
  • Access to opportunities with hot companies that would previously have been unavailable due to over-experience and high salary requirements.
  • The ability to aggregate with non-competing firms.

1099 Partners provides you with the network’s infrastructure, access to firms and basic, suggested guidelines for professional engagements. You manage your own relationships with clients and determine your own compensation rates. Plus, if you refer someone into the network, you have the ability to receive compensation. Your only obligation is a small percentage of revenue from jobs that we refer to you, which are used to keep the network humming. 

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