About Us

Experience to Meet Your Specific Needs 

Relationships are at the heart of 1099 Partners, providing an entry point to new markets, new opportunities and new partnerships. 1099ers bring these relationships, along with their experience, reputations and influence, to your doorstep. Based on our flexible, on-demand business model, 1099ers will help your business evolve to where it needs to be connected to key contacts while serving as short-term change agents or long-term strategists – whatever you need to achieve success.  

Individual 1099ers are invited into the network by former co-workers, clients and business associates, 1099 Partners carefully screens them to verify executive history and established professional contacts. Our associates are required to have a minimum of 15 years of documented success in key executive  roles, and an active network of business relationships, typically clustered in one key geography, market, or discipline that they can leverage on your behalf. Far from being “between job” consultants, 1099ers have made the strategic decision to segue from 5-day corporate life into on-demand engagements where they can help their clients excel.  Follow this link to become a 1099er

Clients who leverage 1099 Partners’  network do not pay finder’s fees or incentives. We offer 100% value add with 0% overhead. As a referral network, our success depends 100% on client satisfaction. Follow this link to find a 1099er who meets your needs.