About Us

Business Development for Today’s Marketplace

1099er-plane.jpgThe new economy has caused a dramatic shift in demographics for businesses and the workforces that serve them. Companies of all shapes and sizes, from Fortune 500 firms to emerging organizations, are finding that the overhead and budgets associated with adding experienced executives to fit every role in multiple locations on a full time basis is no longer feasible. Seasoned executives, many who no longer seek full time employment but want to stay active and secure some compensation on the other hand, are seeking more flexible engagements that better suit their lifestyles while still earning compensation reflective of their efforts and expertise.

Peter Kestenbaum and Jerry Marcus, two Fortune 500 executives with more than 50 years of experience between them, anticipated this trend and launched 1099 Partners, a specialized business model that will help companies cost-effectively grow revenue, raise capital, gain regulatory influence and enter new markets by leveraging the talent, expertise and relationships of top industry executives. Unlike typical executive placement firms, 1099 Partners is a referral-only service that provides companies with senior-level, on-demand executive support in not only business development areas but includes professionals who may have expertise in a wide variety of disciplines such as financing, mergers and acquisitions, legal, regulatory, sales and marketing. Our exclusive network of experts delivers immediate access to executive knowledge, experience, and resources without the overhead of a permanent employee.

Our clients range from under-$50 Million Silicon Valley technology firms to Fortune 500 corporations. For example:

  • A Silicon Valley Firm that needs top-tier sales expertise in hot metro areas including New York, D.C., Philadelphia, and Atlanta, but can’t support a full-time person in each one… and knows that hiring one person to serve all four markets won’t get the job done.
  • An Emerging Company that needs to raise capital in order to continue their plans for growth – but also needs a “Washington insider” to ensure their products don’t become entangled in regulatory processes.

1099 Partners has harnessed the opportunities of the new economy by creating a first-of-its-kind infrastructure that enables both businesses and talent to thrive.