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1099 partners Provides unique access to senior business professionals and their network contacts.

In an economic climate where every dollar counts, 1099 Partners provides access to senior-level, on-demand talent without the overhead of a permanent employee. 1099ers have over 15 years of experience and success in key executive positions and have segued from 5-day corporate life into key roles for our clients. Leverage our network of experienced professionals to solve unique challenges, penetrate new markets, and increase sales.

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Relationships are a key driver of business success, providing an entry point to new markets and revenue streams. 1099 Partners brings these relationships to your doorstep, along with proven success and influence in your industry. Based on our flexible, on-demand business model, our 1099ers can serve as short-term change agents or long-term strategic partners. Contact us today to find the 1099er that meets your needs.

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Do you have what it takes to Become a 1099er?

1099ers are seasoned executives who a have a gift for uncovering untapped revenue sources, a talent for opening the doors to new markets, and a passion for growing businesses. Most importantly, they have at least 15 years of proven success in all three areas – and an established network of high-level, reputable relationships that help them get the job done. If you meet this description, and you’re ready to segue from 5-day corporate life to help businesses grow through on-demand engagements, contact us today.

Email info@1099partners.com for quick response.

Featured 1099er

Former Senior Technology Executive and Internet/Media CMO

Advisor to NY area major MBA program, active relationship in NY based VC fund, Sales/BD background, assists emerging firms get a revenue and / or partner foothold in NY Financial Markets. Conducted 10 engagements last 4 years in NY area ranging from F500 market development to silicon valley startups.

Former V.P. / Director of Global Communications Infrastructure Firm

Managed board-level relationships with venture and telecommunications firms. Also served as EVP of public Internet firm with revenue responsibility and has served as sales unit director for tier 1 computer firm where he managed multi-hundred million dollar revenue targets.

Former CEO, Managed Services & Cloud Computing Firm

Highly innovative, results-oriented executive with over two decades of experience in Managed Services and Cloud Computing.  A recognized pioneer and thought leader in the industry, credited with introducing several new services to the market.  Successfully implemented a Managed Services business units within larger companies and as stand-alone entities with full management and P&L responsibility for the businesses he established.  

Former CEO, Network Security Firm

An experienced technology CEO with specific expertise in network security applications.  Based in the Northeast he has extensive relationships with major financial and commercial companies in the New York Metropolitan area.   Background includes start-up ventures as well as sales and business development activities for computer software, utilities, and hardware systems. 

PhD & Former Telecommunications Executive

Former a technology executive whose career has included telecom and computer systems expertise.   Based in NJ, currently provides consulting services to several universities and software companies.    Has held positions with prestigous organizations such as Bell Labs, has managed technology organizations as well as the sale and delivery of communication network products and services.  Has a PhD in Physics and has expertise in the operational processes of IT organizations.

Former Partner of Major Investment Fund

This former partner of a major investment fund, previously held position of V.P. of major telecommunications carrier. Expertise includes the application of technology in media and telco applications.   Although based in the Northeast, currently serves on the board of several companies throughout the U.S.  Also provides strategic consulting services and advisory services to a number of emerging and established companies.

Former Director and Officer of Telecommunications Firm

Currently an advisor to several universities for the commercialization of IP technologies. Expertise and business relationships come as a result of being a founder, manager and Vice President of a successful Internet infrastructure company and include building strategic relationships, increasing market position and business development. Has a Masters in Computer Science and over 30 years of field experience.

Former Online Marketing Executive in Pharmaceutical Industry

Well versed in online marketing, from both a tactical and strategic basis. Following eight years in client services with top 10 online agencies, this 1099er began to work directly with a select group of small and medium businesses in need of guidance with new media.  Currently provides strategic and tactical assistance with key areas including search engine optimization, paid search, reputation management and media sales management.

Director Sales and Marketing, Partner and Alliance Development

30-year career servicing major high-tech corporations while growing revenues annually. Well versed in Go-To-Market, Awareness, and Social Marketing / Media Solutions as well as sales and business development strategies. Industry experience spans Retail, Manufacturing, Architectural/Construction, and the Public Sector.